How to Install Ioncube Loader in CentOS/RHEL 7/6/5 How to Install Ioncube Loader in WHM/cPanel

Step 1 – Download Ioncube Loaders

First of all download the latest ioncube loaders php modules from ioncube from ioncube download page. Alternatively you can also use following command to download ioncube loaders. Then, extract the downloaded archive under /usr/local directory.

Step 2 – Enable ionCube Loader in PHP

Find out the PHP configuration files for the PHP version you need to install ionCube loader. The below command will show the PHP CLI configuration file location for the current active PHP version. As per the result of above command, PHP 7.3 is the active version for PHP CLI. Generally, the same version will be active for Apache too, but you can check it by phpinfo(); function in web browser. For PHP 7.3, the default the configuration file locations are: Edit all the above configuration files and append the below code to the end of the files. Replace /usr/local/ioncube/ file with your matching PHP version file.

Step 3 – Restart Apache & PHP-FPM Service

After making changes in php.ini for Apache or PHP-FPM, you need to restart the following services.

Step 4 – Verify ionCube Loader

Let’s verify the installation and configuration of Ioncube PHP module. Run php -m command on shell. Alternatively, you can also put an phpinfo.php file on your web server document root with the following content and check the status by access info.php in a web browser.

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