1. Prerequisites

Ionic required Nodejs to be installed on your system. The systems don’t have installed Nodejs use following commands to install Node.js 8.x version on your system. You can visit our tutorial to install latest Node.js on CentOS and RHEL systems.

2. Install Cordova

After installing nodejs, run the following command to install Cordova on your system using npm command. It will install all other required node modules on your system.

3. Install Ionic Framework

Ionic provides and commands line utility for creating packages, build and start applications. Use NPM command to install Ionic framework on your system. After completing the installation of the Ionic framework, use following command to check installed version.

4. Create Ionic Application

Now, You need to create a new Cordova project on your computer using the following command. Now use one of the following commands to enable iOS or Android platform. iOS platform will work on MacOS only. For more details visit http://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/installation.html