Interested in installing it on your device? Here is how to do it…

Installing LineageOS 16 On Mi 8

LineageOS 16 can be flashed using a custom recovery on the Mi 8. To install a custom recovery on your phone you need an unlocked Bootloader. Fortunately we have an awesome guide for doing just that. So check it out here.

Flashing LineageOS 16

Installed TWRP? Nice. Lets update your device.

To begin the process, connect your phone to your PC and move the LineageOS 16 zip file to your phone’s internal storage. Download the LineageOS 16 for the Xiaomi Mi 8 from here. Now disconnect your phone and boot your device into TWRP. For that, press and hold the Power Button + Volume up button Once in TWRP, tap on wipe and wipe the delvik and system cache After wiping, tap on install and locate the zip file you moved into the internal storage. Swipe to install it After the installation has finished, go back to the main TWRP menu and tap on reboot > system The first reboot may take up-to 20 minutes. So be patient Once the device boots up, enjoy your Android experience

The Xiaomi Mi 8 is an excellent device. Despite the fact that it was a 2018 flagship, it is still sufficiently powerful, still has a capable shooter and still looks stylish. All it needed was a software refresh. LineageOS provides that software refresh and also packs in a whole host of nifty features. Enjoy these nifty features and be sure to tell us about your experience with it in the comments down below!