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How to Install Visual Studio Code on Debian


SSH or Shell access to Debian system with sudo privileged account.

Install Mono on Debian

First of all, install some required packages on your Debian system and import GPG key. Now, add Apt repository on your system provide by the official website. Use one of the following commands to add Mono repository to your system based on Ubuntu version. Once the repository is added. Update the apt cache and install Mono packages on your Ubuntu system. The mono-devel package is used to compile code. The mono-complete package is used to install everything on the system.

Find Mono Version

Once the installation has finished on your system. Let’s check the installed Mono version using the following command. Output:

Run C# Example with Mono

As you have installed Mono on your Ubuntu system. Create a sample c# program to run with Mono. Create a Welcome.cs file and edit in your favorite text editor. Add below value to file.

Save file and close it. Then compile the c# program with the c# compiler using below command. Once compilation is completed successfully, it will create a exe file in the local directory with the same name as script. In this case a Welcome.exe file is generated in my local directory. Then, set the execute permission on newly created executable file. After than run the program as below commands. See the results on screen:

All done, You have successfully installed Mono on your Debian system. Next you may required to install Visual Studio Code on Debian Linux system.

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