This tutorial is an walk through to install .NET core on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux system. Also created a sample application using .NET core.

Step 1 – Setup PPA

The Microfosft offical team provides and debian packages to create PPA on Ubuntu systems. You just need to download the debian package and install on your system. Press CTRL + ALT + T to open a terminal on Ubuntu system and configure Microsoft PPA by run the following commands:

Step 2 – Install .NET Core on Ubuntu

Dotnet core is the Software development kit used for developing applications. If you are going to create a application or making changes to existing application, you will required .net core sdk package on your system. To install Dotnet core on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system, type:

To install the previous version of .Net Core SDK 2.1, type:

Step 3 – Install .NET Core Runtime Only

.NET Core Runtime is required for the system, where you only need to run application. For example, production or stating environments are required to run applications only. To install Dotnet core runtime on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux system, execute: To install the previous version of .Net core runtime 2.1, type:

Step 4 – Create Dotnet Core Application

Let’s create a sample application with dotnet core on your Ubuntu system. Create a new console application with the command: The Above command will create dotnet application on your system. This will create a directory named “helloworld” in under the current directory. Switch to this directory and start working your application. Make your changes to application and execute below command to run this application.


In this tutorial, you have learned to install Dotnet Core on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux system.

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