PHP 8.0 is the latest available version for the web development. It is the most advanced and secure version released by the PHP Team. This tutorial will help you to install PHP 8.0 on Debain 10 Buster Linux system.

Step 1 – Setup Apt Repository

Ondrej Sury is maintaining the PPA that contains the latest PHP packages for the Debian systems.

Step 2 – Installing PHP 8 on Debian

Your system is ready for the PHP installation. Use following commands to install PHP 8 on Debian system. Fist command will update the apt cache on your system and second command will install PHP packages. Once the installation finished, verify the PHP version on terminal.

Step 3 – Installing PHP Extensions

PHP comes with multiple extensions (also known as modules) to preform specific tasks. You can install these extensions on your system as per your requirements. First, search for available modules in repository: Then install required php modules on your system. The following command will install some frequently used PHP modules on your system. You can check for currently installed and active PHP modules on your system by running following command. You can visit another article about enable or disable PHP modules on a Debian system systems.

Step 4 – Setup Apache with PHP 8

Generally the above commands also install Apache PHP extension on your system. But incase not installed, execute below command to install Apache with PHP 8 module. After successful installation, restart Apache service to reload newly installed modules. Next, verify thta PHP modules is loaded with Apache. Create a php script with phpinfo() function under the default document root. Access this file in browser using server ip address. For example: http://server-ip/info.php

You will see the detailed PHP information on the web page.


This tutorial helped you to install PHP 8.0 on Debian 10 system.

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