This tutorial will help you to install PHP Composer on Fedora 34/33/32/31/30 Linux. We are assuming that you already have installed PHP on your system.


Sudo privileged account with shell access. You must have PHP installed on your system.

Install Composer on Fedora

PHP Composer is available as a binary file to directly download and use. Open the terminal and download the composer binary file using the curl command-line tool. Now use the following commands to make composer available globally for all users in your system, which can be used for all PHP applications on that system. To find the version of the composer simply use the following command. This will also show you the uses of the composer on the command line. Yo will see the output like below:

Update Composer

If there is an upgrade available, Composer displays the information with every run. Composer is built with the ability to upgrade itself. You just need to run the following command to update composer.phar to the latest version.