The Python 3.9 stable version has been released with several improvements and security updates. It included multiple new modules, improved existing modules, and many other features. You can choose deadsnakes PPA for Python installation on Ubuntu 20.04 system. Use this tutorial to install Python 3.9 On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux system via Apt-Get. You can also choose the second method to install Python using source code.


Login to your Ubuntu system and open a terminal, then install some required packages.

Installing Python 3.9 Using Apt

Use the Ubuntu package manager Apt to install Python 3.9 on Ubuntu Linux system. Follow the below steps: That’s it, You have successfully installed Python 3.9 on your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS system.

Installing Python 3.9 Using Source Code

You also have one more option to install Python 3.9 using source code. We don’t recommend installing Python 3.9 packages from source code. But in some cases, you may need to install Python from the source code. So follow the below instructions to install Python 3.9 using source code on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux system.


In this tutorial, you have learned to install Python 3.9 on Ubuntu 20.04 using Apt and source code. You can try Python examples via command line.