A Debian package is build by the team viewer team and available for the installation on Ubuntu and Debian systems. You can download it from TeamViewer website with no charge. This tutorial help you to how to install TeamViewer on Debian 10 (Buster) Linux system.


A running Debian 10 system with desktop access. Sudo privileged account access.

Installing TeamViewer on Debian 10

First of all, download the latest aavailable version of TeamViewer Deabian packages from its official download page. At the writing time of this tutorial, TeamViwer 15 is the latest available version to download and install on Ubuntu systems. That’s it. You have successfully installed TeamViewer on Debain 10 system.

Start TeamViewer Application

TeamViewer application have been successfully installed on your Ubuntu system. Next search “TeamViewer” under the utilities application search. You will see the TeamViewer application launcher as shown below:

Click the TeamViewer launcher icon to start application. With the first time startup, click “Accept License Agreement” button to start application.

Using TeamViewer

Once the application started, You will see the TeamViewer id assigned to your system with a random password. You can can change this password any time with auto generated password or define a custom password. Save file and restart your system. Use this teamviewer ID to connect this system from remote systems running with the same version of Teamviewer application. You can also use this teamviewer application to connect other teamviewer running on remote systems. You just need the teamviewer ID and password of the remote system.


This tutorial described you to how to install TeamViewer on Debian 10 systems.

How to Install TeamViewer on Debian 10   TecAdmin - 98How to Install TeamViewer on Debian 10   TecAdmin - 27