An RPM package of Teamviewer is built by the official team and is available for installation on Fedora systems. You can download the package from its official website. This tutorial described how to install TeamViewer on the Fedora Linux system.


Assuming, you have a running Fedora desktop system. Have access to the desktop environment with a sudo privileged account. The installation part can also be performed via the command line.

Installing TeamViewer on Fedora

First of all, download the latest available version of TeamViewer RPM packages from its official download page. At the writing time of this tutorial, TeamViewer 15 is the latest available version to download and install on Fedora systems. That’s it. You have successfully installed TeamViewer on a Fedora system.

Using TeamViewer

TeamViewer application has been successfully installed on a Fedora Linux system. Now, launch the “TeamViewer” from the applications. The Application Launcher location may change as per the desktop environment. You will find an application launcher as shown below screenshot:

Click the TeamViewer launcher icon to start the application. With the first time startup, click “Accept License Agreement” button to continue application. Once the application starts, You will see the TeamViewer id of your application with a random password. You can change this password anytime or set a custom password. Use this ID to connect your system to remote systems running with the same version of the Teamviewer application. You can also other systems with this application by entering their TeamViewer ID in the “partner ID” input box.


This tutorial helped you to install TeamViewer on Ubuntu systems. Additionally provides you with basic details to connect partner systems.

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