In this article, we show you how to install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04 and other common versions of Linux.


First of all, upgrade the current packages on your system. Login to your Ubuntu desktop system using sudo privileged user. Then run the following command to update the download package information from all configured sources. The above command will also, be available to upgrade all the packages installed on your system.

Step 1: Configure Apt Repository

Oracle VirtualBox team provides an official package repository for Ubuntu & Debian-based systems. Import the public key to your system signed the packages.

Step 2: Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04

Now, your system is ready for the Virtualbox installation. Run the following commands to install VirtualBox. If you have already installed an older version of VirtualBox, the below command will update it automatically.

Save the file and close it. Press ‘Y’ for any confirmation prompted to continue the installation. This may take a few minutes to complete the installation as per the network space and system performance.

Step 3: Launch VirtualBox

You have successfully installed VirtualBox software on your Ubuntu system. Now login to the Ubuntu desktop to start using VirtualBox. Where you can create virtual machines for different operating systems. Search the term “VirtualBox” under the applications and you will see the launcher icon as shown below: Click the launcher icon to start VirtualBox on your Ubuntu system. You can use the New button to start creating a new virtual machine. Under the preferences, you can customize the default options. Import and Export buttons are used to migrate existing virtual machines from one system to another systems. If you have the virtual machine disk file. Use Add button to create the new virtual machine.


Ubuntu users can get some amazing software for free. Virtualization software is one of them. You can install virtualization software on your computer and use it to run other operating systems in a virtual environment. VirtualBox is a popular choice among Ubuntu users because it’s an open-source program that’s also free and easy to use. It’s perfect for testing new operating systems, such as Ubuntu derivatives like Linux Mint or Debian, without affecting your primary OS installation. This tutorial helped you to install Virtualbox on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux system.

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