This tutorial explain you to how to install Wine 6.0 Stable Release on a Fedora systems.


You must have a sudo privileged account for the Wine installation on Fedora. Wine required many development packages. First, we recommend upgrading all system packages using the following commands.

Step 1 – Installing Wine on Fedora

The Fedora team provides rpm packages for the easy installation. You can get the official yum repository provided by Wine team for the installation of latest Wine packages. Next, add the Wine package repository to your system.

Fedora 35:sudo dnf config-manager –add-repo Fedora 34:sudo dnf config-manager –add-repo Fedora 33:sudo dnf config-manager –add-repo

The Winehq repositories for the Fedora 31 and previous versions don’t contain Wine 6 packages. They contain Wine 5 stable release packages. Finally, run the make and make install command to compile the wine source and install it on your system. The above command will install a large number of packages as a dependency. The installation may take time as per your network speed. Enjoy a cup of coffee until the installation finishes.

Step 2 – Check Wine Version

After finishing the installation process, Use the following command to check the version of wine installed on your system.

Step 3 – Using Wine

To use wine we need to login to the CentOS/Fedora desktop. After that Download a windows executable (.exe) file like PuTTY on your system and open it with Wine as below screenshot or use following command.


This tutorial helped you to install the Wine 6 stable release on a Fedora Linux system.

How To Install Wine 6 0 on Fedora 35 34 33   TecAdmin - 43