Basically, there are two types of checks:

Passive Check – Zabbix Agent sent data to server on their request. Active Check – Zabbix Agent sends data periodically to server.

After installing zabbix server on your system. Now we are moving to install agent on remote system’s. This article will help you to install zabbix agent on CentOS/RHEL 8 Linux systems. After completing this step go to next article add Host in Zabbix Server.

Step 1 – Disable SELinux

By default, SELinux is enabled in CentOS 8. You can disable the SELinux to work Zabbix properly on your CentOS machine. You can disable the SELinux by editing /etc/selinux/config file: Change the following line: Press CTRL + O to save changes and then CTRL + X to close file. Then restart your server to apply changes.

Step 2 – Installing Zabbix Agent

The Zabbix agent packages are not available under the default CentOS 8 repositories. So first, you will need to configure the Zabbix repository in your system. At the time of writing this tutorial, the latest version of Zabbix is Zabbix 4.4. You can install the Zabbix 4.4 repository package by running the following command: After installing yum repository packages in our system. Use the following command to install the Zabbix agent on your CentOS 8 or RHEL 8 systems using the package management tool. Press ‘Y’ for any confirmation to complete the installation process.

Step 3 – Configure Zabbix Agent

Now, you need to configure the Agent service to allow Zabbix server requests. Edit the Zabbix agent configuration file by adding the Zabbix server IP. /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf

Step 4 – Adjust Firewall for Zabbix

Next, you will need to allow the Zabbix ports 10050 and 10051. and HTTP service through the firewall. You can allow them with the following command:

Step 5 – Start Zabbix Agent

Your zabbix agent service is ready to run. Execute the following commands to enable service to auto start on system boot. Then also start service for the first time: To stop zabbix-agent service anytime run the following command: Congratulation’s! You have successfully installed Zabbix Agent. Lets add host in zabbix server to be monitory.