Apt don’t provide any command to list available package under the specific repository. But you can find the list from a cache file, which contains list of available package to that repository with other details. This tutorial will help you to find all the available packages in a repository on Ubuntu and other Debian based systems.

Find Packages Details in Repository

Apt keeps all repository cache files under /var/lib/apt/lists directory. So, first update the apt cache on your system Now, navigate to /var/lib/apt/lists directory. Then search for the file with the repository name, path and architecture, ends with _Packages in there name. See the content of *_Packages to view details about all packages available under that repository.

To list the packages only available in file, execute below like:


In this article, you have learned to find all the available packages in a specific repository.

How to List All Packages Available in a Repository on Ubuntu   TecAdmin - 61