1. Keep Pokémon Go running

If the game is up and running, your chances of encountering a Pokémon are greater. So, launch Pokémon Go, plug in your phone, and scroll through your news feeds or elsewhere. You are not going to find rare Pokémon this way but you’ll be able to catch few.

2. Use Incense

Incense helps drawing nearby Pokémon, you’ll find incense among the items you’re given when you first start playing Pokémon Go. A gift for lazy person, Incense will draw nearby Pokémon to your location which means you don’t have to go to them. Tap the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen > tap Items > tap Incense. The incense pot will appear on your main screen, tap again it will get activated for next 30 minutes. Oneore thing leaving the app won’t stop the timer.

3. Lure Module

Use a Lure Module at PokéStop, it is a powerful form of incense. You can use Lure Modules by activating them at PokéStop. It will get activated for that specific location and unlike incense lure modules benefit all trainers not just you. You can usually spread the love (and the cost) among Trainers at a PokéStop. For this you’ll have to find a way to get to the PokéStop. Visit a PokéStop by tapping it on the map. If lure module is active you’ll see pink petals floating around the PokéStop. If you don’t see petals tap the rectangle at the top of the screen that says Empty Module slot and add lure module from your inventory.

4. Install Pokémon Go on your most-used device

I think you probably are playing Pokémon Go on your most-used device. If not you should install and play Pokémon Go on whatever device it is you take with you everywhere you go. Your chances of encountering Pokémon will increase, you go to the grocery store,to work, to chill with friends. This travel time can be used to catch Pokémons. I know we said ‘without moving’ but its just a tip and at least you’re not making plans for playing Pokémon Go only.

5. Your vehicle

Your car is the ultimate Pokémon Go hack but Do Not play Pokémon Go and drive. It is distracting and very dangerous, let someone else drive you around while you hurl PokéBalls at every turn. If they are playing too, take turns.

6. Hatching eggs without walking

Yes of course you can! Pokémon egg, hatching cycle is tied to the distance you walk (2,5 or 10 kilometers distance). Actually its about movement, so as long as you can make the app think you’re moving, it’ll add to the kilometer total. There’s one problem, though you can’t use your car (car is too fast) to cover the distances because Pokémon Go tries to thwart our lazy ways by putting a speed-cap on the movement. You are getting the idea, right? You can trick the app into thinking (you’re walking), as long as it doesn’t move too fast. And don’t think of putting your device on a record player or something like that because it determines your movement for hatching eggs by logging your location from point A to point B and then calculating the distance. Happy Pokémon Catching, Go catch ’em all!