Rooting the OnePlus 6T is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is to unlock the bootloader, flash TWRP and flash a root manager like Magisk. So let’s root the OnePlus 6T.

Things you should know beforehand

Rooting and unlocking the bootloader are modifications that the device manufacturer didn’t intended. And as such these carry certain risks which involve unstable operation, partially working software or in some extreme cases the device getting bricked.

Things you’ll need

blu_spark TWRP for OnePlus 6TMagisk to manage the root access

Step 1: Enable OEM Unlocking

The first thing you need to do, to root the OnePlus 6T, is to enable OEM Unlocking in Developer Options. To enable developer options go to Settings >About phone >Build Number and tap on it 7 times until you see a pop up. You are now in developer mod. In Developer Options enable OEM Unlocking.

Step 2: Unlocking the Bootloader

To unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus 6T you first need to set up adb.

Step 2.1: Setting up the adb

To set up adb on your Windows PC follow the steps written bellow:

Enable USB Debugging in developer optionsDownload adb zip file for windowsExtract the zip file in some folder on your hardrive.Go to that folder and launch Command Prompt from that folder. shift+right-click >Open command prompt hereNow connect your phone to your PC with a compatible cableIn the command prompt type: adb devices and hit enterYou should see a message pop up on your phone asking for permission. Grant itNow run the above command againThe command prompt will display the serial number of your phone meaning adb is now set up on your PC

Now after you are done setting up adb, reboot into the bootloader by holidng volume down+power button unitl your device boots up. Now you are in the bootloader. On the command prompt type: fastboot oem unlock. With this your bootloader is now unlocked and you are ready to flash TWRP and instal Magisk.

Step 3: Flashing TWRP and Magisk

From the download links posted above download TWRP. Both the zip file as well as the img file is needed.Still in bootloader type this command: fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-x_blu_spark_v9.86_op6.imgNow from within TWRP reboot your device into recovery modeFinally to install Magisk, type this command: adb sideload Magisk-v17.3.zipRestart your phone normally and you are good to go.

And with that your phone is unlocked, ready for some serious modifications. There are tons and tons of new ROMS, Kernels and modules to check out. Have fun and tell us how well this guide worked for you in the comments down below.