Unsplash Even so, just when you think that you are already familiar with this feature, there may be some aspects of it that you still haven’t fully utilized yet! With Live Photos, you can capture special moments and relive them in such a way that you wouldn’t be able to do normally in a still image. Basically, what this feature does is record up to 1.5 seconds of whatever you want to capture. Since a Live Photo captures both movement and sound, it’s quite similar to recording short videos.

Enabling Live Photos (and Using a Live Photo as a Screensaver!)

Enabling the Live Photo feature on your iPhone is pretty simple. Once you open your camera, just look for the icon with three circles on your camera screen. You can easily tell it apart from the others because the outermost circle of the icon should be a dotted circle. If the icon has a line in the middle, it means that the Live Photo feature is disabled. When enabled, the line in the middle should disappear.

Saving a Live Photo as a Screensaver

Speaking of which, one of the interesting things that you can do with a Live Photo is use it as a live screensaver. In terms of sharing, a Live Photo can be shared like any standard image file. You do have to note that when shared on other platforms or devices, it can only be viewed as a standard still image. If you want to preserve the full clip from the Live Photo, your best option would be to save it as a video first before you share.

How to Save a Live Photo as Video in iPhone

To save a Live Photo as a video is pretty easy. There’s no need to download any app for this. Unsplash You simply need to follow these steps: By doing so, you get to have a video copy of your Live Photo while still retaining the original moving image file. Now that you have a video copy of the Live Photo that you’ve selected, you can finally do whatever you want with it. You can share it on social media or even edit it just like you would on a standard video. It’s already up to you!

You Can Use This Feature to Freshen Up Your Content

By being able to save Live Photos as videos, you are given the opportunity to repurpose your existing media content. If you are someone who is active on social media, you can repurpose your Live Photos and share them as fresh content in the form of stories, short clips, one-second snaps, teasers, and even more! Another good reason why you should save a Live Photo as a video is when you decide to switch from iPhone to Android. This way, you can still preserve the full clip from your Live Photos when migrating your images. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2021 Kent Peligrino

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