But when you realize there are lots of file formats it doesn’t allow like users have no option to send a zip file, a rar file, an apk, a avi video file. On the other hand Telegram, Hike and some other popular messenger apps allow users to share any file, under a certain size limit. There is actually a small trick that comes in handy in bypassing such restrictions. Yes, there is an app “Steg” to get this job done. Steg is an app developed by XDA member LordFME. The name Steg came from Steganography, the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data. The thing app does with the file is, it encodes the file into the pdf file which is file format supported by whatsapp. The encoded file which is shared on whatsapp, the user who receives the file can decode it using Steg within whatsapp and view. So, let’s send everything via WhatsApp download the app and follow the steps. Downlod Here Downlod Steg

Sending Unsupported files via WhatsApp

Step 1: First of all, Downlod the app and install it on your Smartphone. Once Steg is installed, you’re good to go. Step 2: Next, go look for the file you want to send, the file with Unsupported file format. Step 3: Long press on the file and select Share, and choose Steg from the list of apps. Step 4: Simply, just tap the Encode button, you will receive a toast message when encoding is complete. That was quick! Step 5: Now that the encoding is done, share Encoded File. Tap WhatsApp from the list of apps and then send it to the friend contact you want to. Step 6: Your friend should have steg installed on his / her device to decode the unknown file. Step 7: Now, he or she will have to tap the file in the WhatsApp thread and select Steg to open the file if it does not automatically open up in Steg. Tapping the decode will decode the file and one can open it normally. You can ask anything about this tutorial in comments.