Georgia de Lotz, Unsplash. By viewing Instagram stories as an anonymous user, you can view any story without getting noticed. You also don’t have to worry about getting blocked or restricted. This is because you will be viewing these stories without using your account. Therefore, you won’t get tracked. The account that uploaded and shared the story won’t be able to tell if you’ve even viewed the story at all! You also get to view stories from almost any account right in your web browser.

You Cannot View Stories Anonymously Via the Instagram App

The Instagram app currently does not have a built-in feature that allows users to view stories anonymously. The only way to do this is to view the story using third-party tools. This also means that you’ll have to do it outside of the photo-sharing app’s interface and not within the app. Since you’re not going to view stories using the app, you can easily do so as an anonymous user. You simply need to follow the simple steps outlined below, and by doing so, you’ll be able to view any story that’s been publicly posted or shared.

Using Third-Party Online Tools to View Stories Without Others Knowing

Speaking of which, there are multiple tools that offer users the option to view Stories on Instagram without an account or without getting tracked. Just keep in mind that not all of these tools work as advertised. The good thing about opting for this method is that it is completely free. You are also not required to create an account, download any application or install any software.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously With the Insta-Stories Website

That’s it!

GreatFon: An Alternative Option

Should there be an instance where the above method fails to work, you can try this alternative method. That’s basically it!

This Trick Only Works on Stories That Are Publicly Shared

By following the steps above, you can view stories without getting noticed, as your username or account won’t appear on the “Seen by” section of the story that you viewed. Thus, you can still get updates and view the stories of the accounts you follow without the need to log in to the Instagram app. Just note that this method only works on public accounts and creator accounts. If the Instagram account is private or if the story shared is set to “Close Friends” only, then you won’t be able to view the story even if you attempt to view it anonymously.

Disadvantages of Viewing Instagram Stories as an Anonymous User

If there are advantages to anonymous viewing, there are also disadvantages. Since you are viewing anonymously, you can’t engage or interact with the story posted should there be a need to do so (ex. IG story polls). Another disadvantage is that it will tend to stir your curiosity even more, especially if you’re in the process of letting go and moving on.

Proceed With Caution

If you truly wish to view stories on Instagram as an anonymous user, then the above methods should definitely help. Just know that while it is completely possible, it doesn’t mean you can always do so. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. © 2021 Kent Peligrino

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