This tutorial will show you the several options to list all scheduled cron jobs for users on Linux systems.

How to List Cron Jobs of Current User

The default crontab command works for the current logged in user. You can list all the scheduled cron jobs for the current user, execute: Output:

All the user cron jobs are generally located under /var/spool/cron/crontabs directory. A separate file is created for all the user accounts with thier name.

List Cron jobs of Other User

A root or sudo priviledged user can also view scheduled cronjobs of other users. Use -u followed by the username to list all jobs that belong to a specific user. For example: Replace username with the actual username you want to view cron jobs.

List Cron Jobs Running by System

The root user can access and modify the crontab’s of the operating system. You can view the system’s cronjobs by running the following command as root or sudo privileged account. Output:

How to List Hourly Cron Jobs

You can view the /ettc/cron.hourly directory to find all the cron jobs scheduled to run on every hour. Output: The above output shows, that there is no cron job schedule to run hourly. You can see a file .placeholder in each directory, which is created to avoid accidental deletion of directory by package manager. When no other file exists in directory.

How to List Daily Cron Jobs

Similarly, you can list all the scheduled job to run on daily basis. Most of the application jobs can be find in this directory. Output:

How to List Weekly Cron Jobs

The weekly cron jobs are scheduled under /etc/cron.weekly directory. Output:

How to List Montly Cron Jobs

All the monthly cron jobs are scheduled under /etc/cron.monthly directory. Output:

How to View Application Specific Cron Jobs

May of applications scheduled cron jobs for regular works. These jobs can be found under hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly cron jobs. For example, Apache web server created cron job file under /etc/cron.daily. It means the job is executed on daily basis. You can see the cron job content by accessing file content as below: Output:


In this tutorial, you have learned to view, list or display cron jobs on a Linux system. Additinaly, you found details about cron jobs executed on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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