“Imagine having a moon the size of a planet,” says one commenter. “So you’re telling me I’m less than 1-year old now?” asks another, at which @thegalacticgal laughs and continues, “In Saturn years!” “Space is so cool man, just to think this is all in the sky above us,” writes another viewer of the video. One responds to a question raised in the video about the beauty of the individual planets in the solar system. “Saturn is the prettiest planet,” the user writes. One observer of the clip asks a question and then provides the answer as well: “Why isn’t the Moon larger than Mercury recognized as a planet? Is it because it doesn’t orbit the sun but a planet?” “I love your content,” writes a commenter. “You’re amazing. Thank you so much for these videos!” We love the content as well and we continue to follow @thegalacticgal and post her videos whenever we can. Recommended For You

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