Posted by @thegalacticgal, the video lays the foundation for reaction from Internet users. “I’m in love with JWST,” writes commenter @ya_boi_slade999. “Not entirely sure why we aren’t pointing it at things like Kepler-22b and Trappist to observe the atmosphere for potential signs of life,” wonders @poutypout. “They have pointed it at Trappist,” replies @thegalacticgal. “We just haven’t gotten the data yet because it’s a lot to process.” “So this is what our galaxy will look like?” asks @g.i._shane. “After we collide with Andromeda?” “I had no idea this was coming!” exclaims @neko47meow. “So incredibly stunning! I’m just speechless.” “From looking at all the photos, it’s amazing how many galaxies are in the background,” notes @real_astrophotography. “I don’t think my brain will ever be able to comprehend that.” “First thing I noticed was how many more galaxies the JWST picks up in the background,” agrees @garycariveauiii. “Amazing!” Recommended for you

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