TikTok users react to the video posted by @rc_air_shenanigans. “Fantastic speed control,” writes video viewer @wayne7717. “And I love that laugh at the end!” “In a real fighter,” asks @by2or, “Would you consider this a combat landing?” To which @rc_air_shenanigans replies, “Nah. The navy plops F-18s down on the carrier way harder.” “I get that,” says @by2or, “But landing at a forward air base, wouldn’t they come down that steep to avoid surface-to-air missiles?” “Yeah, you have a point,” writes @rc_air_shenanigans. “I’ve been on four planes that did combate landings and it feels like they just nose to the earth straight down and then land, LOL.” Viewer @spondyles has a confession. “For a sec I thought it was real,” he says. “Too smooth for a Navy landing!” exclaims @pixelatedhooning. “Haha,” laughs @rc_air_shenanigans. “When we set the 18s down harder we just called it a carrier landing.” Recommended for you

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