Check it out in this video posted by Andrew McCarthy, who goes by the TikTok handle @cosmic_background. “I show the Hubble photo first, then mine,” he explains.


Comparing the Hubble photos with the video creator’s photos, one user writes in the comments, “I liked your Needle Galaxy more.” “Thank you!” replies McCarthy. “I had incredible conditions when I captured it.” Another user asks, “What’s in the center of the Helix Nebula?” McCarthy informs us that it’s “a white dwarf.” “How are you able to capture other galaxies better than planets in our own solar system?” asks another user. “They have a much larger angular size,” MccArthy replies. “You can capture galaxies with just a kit telephoto lens! Planets are super tiny in comparison.” “Amazing,” a user writes. Then he sarcastically asks, “But next time can you speed up the transition on the pics? I almost saw them.” One user gets a fact wrong, saying the Hubble Telescope images are artist composites, “because they have to be. That’s why you are better.” “That’s not accurate,” McCarthy writes, correcting the user. “I’ve played with Hubble data myself. As can you! Look up Hubble legacy archive.” A number of users compliment the video creator’s work. “You should be so proud of yourself bro, incredible shots,” writes one. “Awesome. AWESOME,” praises a viewer of the video. “Wow that is incredible, love it!” exclaims another. “Excellent!” writes another user. “Hubble has a little advantage. Your work is always impressive!!” We agree. We follow McCarthy’s work and will continue to post more of it as it becomes available. Follow the night sky yourself and stay tuned here for more. Recommended for you

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