Just as people specialize in restoring older cars and model trains, there are ways to maintain older recording and playback devices. Of course, getting a vintage turntable is a little easier to find parts for than, say, a wax cylinder gramophone. However, TikTok user @wyattssaab restored an old gramophone and played a 130-year-old recording, where the quality is incredible for how long it’s been! It’s always interesting to watch a video where someone can break down how things worked decades ago for modern viewers. This insight provides even more understanding and helps us see how musical recordings changed over the years, once people were able to keep takes for albums versus having to sell a poorer recording because that’s all they could do.  Commenters are amazed by this feat and provide their own historical perspective. East Coast Digital Marketing noted, “It’s haunting when you think about it. This person is immortal as long as the disc and player survive.” “Wow that was way better than I thought it’d be. Incredible that it has survived so long!” remarked scottlawder. Jaye Mad505 wrote, “Crazy that we went from this, to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in only 100 years.”