This week, users opened the app to discover the notes feature over their direct messages. TikTok creator @conn_yey (Connie) posted a video explaining more about this update. As Connie said, this new feature allows users to write notes of up to 60 characters for their mutual followers or their close friends to see. Similar to Instagram stories, the notes will last up to 24 hours, unless they’re replaced by a new note. Many from the older generation are comparing it to Facebook or Myspace statuses.  “It’s like posting a story with text without having to post the photo,” Connie said. While some may see this as a great way to start more conversations with their friends, most users just want Instagram to go back to how it was before the advertisements took over. TikTok user @sade_renee made a similar video reacting to this new feature, but she was not impressed. “Why is it that Instagram is always giving us some stuff that we didn’t ask for?” she said in the video. “Instagram, I promise you, the only thing that we want to see is our friends’ posts in chronological order. That’s it.” It definitely is an interesting addition, and folks already seem to be having fun with it. Like any new update, this will take some getting used to. It’ll be cool to see all the creative spins people take.