Posted by TikTok user @spaceengineofficial, see for yourself why the video has users astonished.


“There’s no way we’re the only living creatures in the universe,” writes commenter @jeaniejennenne. Video viewer @ron_jaxon says, “Space will always fascinate me.” “My brain cannot actually comprehend,” remarks @ron_jaxon. “Space sends me into a crisis,” writes @alexandriuh_. “How was something so eternally large created? So much darkness. So much space. How did it all happen?” “So fascinating and yet scary how unfathomably vast space is,” notes reader @victorp.6. User @salva_mami observes this: “I’m literally living on an insignificantly small rock just floating amongst other small rocks,” she writes. User @water._drinker sums it up, saying, “This made me calm and question existence at the same time.” Recommended for you

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