Brian Barczyk posts videos on TikTok as @brianbarczyk, has a popular YouTube channel and has appeared on television with snakes, lizards and all sorts of reptiles. He also runs a zoo called The Reptarium in Utica, Michigan, that houses “a plethora of reptiles and other animal ambassadors in naturalistic enclosures.” But apparently large spiders are not exactly his cup of tea. “Bro, you play with pythons, but fear a spider?” asks commenter @spec_tacular9. To which Barczyk replies, “You come grab it.” “I can’t even hold a dead roach,” admits @spec_tacular9. “I was ready for a jump scare,” writes tum.hi.hoe. “Even the camera man backed up,” observes @kainenbear. Video viewer @plantpotjohn makes this note: “When an Australian is scared that means it’s bad,” he suggests. “The container had holes,” clarifies @bellaapancake. “Your videos are cool,” writes @kevincool40. “I wish I could come to see them.” “Come visit the Reptarium whenever you’re around,” replies Barczyk. Recommended for you

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