It has a unique clamp-style pivot that can orient your phone vertically or horizontally as well as in 180°, 360°, and 140° variants. The device doesn’t come with wireless charging but it does have a base cutout slot for phone chargers, headphone inputs, and more. And the best part is that it’s less than $20, far less than other offerings that run up to $50. After several weeks of use, I found the suction base incredibly strong for windshields and dashboards, and my phone hasn’t wavered once. The mount is powerful, stable, durable, and adjustable for the times you need it most. But enough ranting and let’s dive into what makes this uniquely affordable car mount so special.

Ipow Product Info

How Ipow Makes Handsfree Driving Easy

The Ipow doubles down on efficiency and makes handsfree driving very easy. It does this in three distinct ways such as:

Multi-directional pivot arm Powerful suction cup base Adjustable auto retraction mechanism

With the multi-directional pivot arm, you can shift the arm to whichever position is more comfortable for you (horizontal/vertical), and it works with your dash and/or windshield courtesy of the super sticky suction base. And speaking of suction base it’s truly a marvel of engineering because it can sustain any bump, rough road, etc. The base sticks to your windshield or dash and won’t come off until you want it to plus it’s reusable so feel free to wash it as often as you like. Finally, I love the convenience and simplicity of the mount’s design particularly its auto-retractable mechanism and the cutoff at the base. That cutoff is crucial as it doesn’t block your phone’s input port, which you’ll need for charging. Frankly, I’m surprised how many mounts have that design flaw. The auto-retractable mechanism allows for real-time adjustment and it stabilizes the phone you’re using. This makes for broad compatibility with even the biggest and widest phones like the Note 10. Some other quick things I noticed were the materials used for the mount and how the arm is shaped. The materials are very light and the arm was crafted in a way that adjusts for the weight of your device + the impact on the mount. I’ve used mounts that came off because the phone was too heavy or the terrain I rode over was too rough.

How Ipow Can Be Improved

There’s not much that needs to be improved but I do wish the device had built-in Qi charging. As we enter the 2020s wireless charging will be a critical component of any car mount and I hope the next iteration has this feature. It should be able to support 10W of fast charge when paired with a Quick Charge adapter. Additionally, I like mounts that can retract and release on their own based on the phone they’re holding. I don’t mind adjusting it myself but with AI and machine learning being integrated with everything, I think a true auto-alignment add-on would be beneficial. And that’s it as far as what needs to be improved. If they want to spruce up the materials and make the suction base even more powerful then I have no problem with that. But if they want to keep the same design to hold the price down then that’s great too.

Ipow Car Phone Mount: Final Review

The Ipow is a marvel in great design that’s practical, affordable, and efficient. I could see people using this mount for years because it’ll just work. I would give the Ipow Gravity Car Phone Mount 4 out of 5 stars. I don’t need a super fancy car mount that’s packed to the gills with electronics and hidden features; I just need one that can hold up any smartphone I put into it. Would I like extra features like wireless charging, sure, but it doesn’t ruin the experience for me. This product is extremely affordable and if you’re someone who’s tired of having to glance down at their phone while driving (don’t do it please) or is in need of an upgrade, then the Ipow Car Phone Gravity Mount is the only car mount you’ll ever need.

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