This super-popular, PC-building TikToker doesn’t seem to think so. You might be surprised by his cable setup that seriously lacks in … decorum?


As you can see, Carter Smith of CarterPCs on TikTok has pretty acceptable cable management by everyday gamer standards. But, by PC gaming celebrity standards? No, that’s atrocious. We understand Smith’s argument for how complicated this clean of a setup would be when you want to change just one HDMI cable. That would indeed be very annoying, but we have two questions. First, how often does this come up in your day-to-day PC gaming that you need that easy access to the HDMI ports? Second, have you ever considered an HDMI splitter or a larger USB-C hub? Most high-end computers and monitors these days, not to mention major gaming consoles, all support USB-C for display connectivity or at least adapters to make it work. We’re not sitting on an ivory tower here, either: our cable management isn’t anything to brag about. But, we’re also not full-time TikTokers all about the PC gaming scene. Cable management may be a bit overrated, but if you’re going for a pristine look for your gaming space, there are ways to do it that should minimize inconvenience.