To install iTorrent IPA for iOS 15/16, you need to follow guidelines and steps in this article. This app is listed free in our IPA Library and is up to date. You can add any torrent file and this app will download it. Morever it comes with the dark mode support, file sharing from the app directly, magnet torrent link support, mulitple torrents downloading ability and many more.

iTorrent iOS IPA

The download link for itorrent iOS 16 ipa is at the bottom of this page. You can download the IPA file from there and then sideload it using the Altstore. Sideloaded ipa app’s certificate expires after 7 days and they stop working. So in order to use the app, you need to resign the apps certificate from Altstore every 7 days, that;s the only -1 for iPA apps.

iTorrent Features

Here are the features that make this app outstanding.

Works with the latest iOS version. Dark Mode support. Multiple torrents downloading. Magnet torrent link support. Share files from the app directly. Save downlaoded torrent files in the iOS Files App. Chose which files to download from a torrent link. Torrents keep downloading in the backhground.

iTorrent IPA Download

To download iTorrent iOS 14/15 on your iPhone. Get the ipa file from below link and then follow installation instructions. If the links is not, comment down to let us know for link update. The credit goes to the App’s developer XITRIX Download: iTorrent.ipa

How to Install iTorrent iPA iOS 15 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Do these steps to install this app on your phone. So this it. We have given you the latest iTorrent iOS IPA to download. Now enjoy downlaoding torrents on your iPhone for free. Share it keep following for more free apps and games.