While getting virtual support has eliminated some of those uncomfortable moments, there are still opportunities for awkward exchanges. Sometimes it can focus on personal information like passwords, which some workers follow the suggestion of making them “unique.” However, as TikTok user @cherigoley shows, sometimes that can backfire when needing IT’s assistance.  This video drew some pretty interesting comments. Snowman confessed, “As an IT person we love this. If we talk on the phone, I will absolutely ask you to spell it out very slowly so I can hear the regret in your voice.” “As a former engineer - these calls made my day,” replied Rutledge Daugette. Chris Starkey recalled, “Omg I’ve had to do this. Had to take a week off to recover lol.”  I’m surprised such a provocative password was able to receive approval in the first place but more power to you for going such a novel route. That certainly makes it easier to remember and they say longer passwords are harder to compromise.