The setup featured in this video, built by Hypey on TikTok, is something that just about any gamer kid would go nuts over. So, which game do you think this PC was built for? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not a game that requires nearly this much power and space.


That’s quite a bit of PC for a game like Roblox. Sure, Roblox is probably an awesome time for you and your little gamers, but it’s not exactly Grand Theft Auto in terms of graphics. Still, had we the means and the space, we would do this for our kids in a heartbeat. And, we’d probably consider hiring Hypey for the job. And, we’ll admit that it is cool to see such a game for kids in such a luxurious setting. While this is a kids setup primarily, we couldn’t help but laugh at (and be intrigued by) this comment: “Imagine horror games on that,” one commenter posted. Um, no. We’d rather not, thank you very much — fighting digital ghosts and zombies of that size (or any size really) is not our idea of fun. How about some harmless but beautiful Forza?