Particularly, he’s thinking about Oumuamua’s seemingly impossible acceleration and changing of course. Those are things that asteroids or comets can’t do, but what could? Aliens.


Posted by a space TikToker known as Psychopoly, the video details the reasons why this Harvard professor suspects Oumuamua was actually a spacecraft built by another intelligence from outside our solar system. For starters, the professor cites how the object appeared to have “sudden acceleration that could not be attributed to gravitational forces.” Then, as it left our system, it appeared to follow a trajectory that was not only unaffected by a mass as large as the sun, but cut directly through our system so as to easily leave. So, what do the viewers think Oumuamua was? “They probably were just passing — don’t even know about us,” one viewer said. “Lots of orbital things accelerate when they move closer to the center of gravity,” another viewer disagreed. “I think it might just be a fast rock.” “It literally says, ‘the evidence in support of this hypothesis is severely lacking,’” another viewer pointed out, citing the report that the TikToker uses in the video. To which another viewer replied, “Yep but it had all the traits of a huge solar sail. We couldn’t study it well because we detected it when it was basically already leaving too fast.” Regardless, there’s something particularly strange about this interstellar object, and it likely isn’t the last we’ll see in short order. Recommended for you

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