Uploaded to TikTok by user @hchoww, the clip shown here has become the foundation for discussion. The talking points seem to focus more on how onlookers reported the aftermath more than on the crash itself. “Bro went inside the building,” notes commenter @beastmode_sj. “Dedicated journalism right there.” “Bro, I’m baffled,” says @itsg1lly. “How are you just walking into a warehouse when a random lambo crashed?” “Why are their just random people measuring the walls and stepping inside the building like they are news reporters?” asks @brandon.purnell. “Bro definitely stomped on the pedal thinking he’s slick,” surmises @rhysjones82. “Apply as a journalist,” encourages scene@a.ziz_s. “Man was all up in that scene.” “Guy walked in like he’s part of the recovery crew,” admires @drivingtesttips. User @redaizo is equally astonished at the random person assuming he has access as a reporter. “This dude owns the building,” he observes. “He works the Lambo and the public spaces to be able to film like this.” “How at the end,” remarks @jombalk, “He just picked up the Lambo parts and kept them, LMAO.” Recommended For You

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