The clip, uploaded by @thegalacticgal, sets the foundation for some discussion in the comments. “I am excited that this will happen in my lifetime,” writes @jaymax49. “Hopefully my daughter will be able to go someday.” To which @thegalacticgal replies, “I hope so, too!” “Wait, we are going to the moon in a couple weeks?” asks @asanka2002. “Never seen anything on the news. Who is going?” “It’s not a crewed mission,” answers @bsimp68. “It’s just a test launch that will go around the moon.” “Give it another 10 years,” says @detectivehenryoak. “Elon Musk will beat NASA to building a base.” “They’re not in competition,” replies @thegalacticgal. “Well,” surmises @ticcyisfunny. “Also, those tunnels would be easier to fill with oxygen.” “You seem super excited,” observes @vinh_ha. “But why would anyone want to live on the moon? I’m sure some will say ‘for science,’ but more likely to mine the minerals.” “Why don’t we use that money to take care of the beautiful home we already have?” asks @alliemae222. “Every bit of the technology developed for space exploration,” replies @thegalacticgal, “Benefits life on Earth.” Recommended for you

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