Posted by @thegalacticgal, the clip engages viewers on the idea of seeing the curvature of Earth in an entirely different way. “Only $100,000 per ticket!” writes commenter @somecottagecheese. “Better than the $500k like Blue Origin,” replies @thegalacticgal. More specifically, the cost is $125,000 and is taking downpayments of $1,000 that can be booked online. “All fun and games until that balloon pops,” suggests @itsmemphiz. “Yup, definitely want to do this,” affirms a more optimistic @thespacegal. On board, there are many huge windows to take in the view, including one in the restroom. “A window in the bathroom,” notes @my.pup.named.boss. “Someone’s going to moon the Earth.” “I would absolutely ride in this,” writes @fadurian. “I love the interior, it looks futuristic. Of course, I’ll have to wait until it doesn’t cost the price of a house.” “Will you experience microgravity?” asks @unavailable_all_the_time. Uploader of the video @thegalacticgal provides the answer, saying “Unfortunately, no.” “I’ll be tempted to open the doors in that spaceship,” imagines @sickobruh. “Okay,” announces @drstickyfinger. “I know what I want for my birthday now.” Recommended for you

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