Photo by Pixabay from Pexels At first glance, we notice that the design looks the same as the previous MacBook Pro. However, does it have new features, and does it give the user what they have been looking for? Let’s find out.

Key Specifications

Here are some of the most important specifications of this MacBook:

Screen: 13.3 inch, Retina display of 2560 x 1600, and 500 nits brightness Graphics: Integrate 8-core GPU CPU: Apple M1 (8-core) Storage: 256GB Camera: 720p FaceTime HD webcam Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6 Weight: 1.4kg


The Retina Display of the MacBook Pro M1 is the same as MacBook Air, but the screen of the M1 is a hundred nits brighter. Besides that, the Pro has Touch Bar, which means you can easily use shortcuts from the screen. The eight GPU cores mean that the MacBook will offer high performance and will be incredibly responsive. Keep in mind that the storage is only 256GB, and you can’t add more storage than this. So, people that need more storage might find this frustrating. However, the experience the MacBook offers with these specifications is like no other. All the apps in this MacBook will launch within seconds, and Safari will load anything you want in less than a second. You can also open as much software as you like, and the system will not feel overloaded. The powerful GPU core will ensure your experience is smooth and fast.

Battery Life

Battery life can make or break the decision of buying a MacBook. Apple has left nothing out when creating this model, and the battery will last you more than 16 hours at least. The battery life of this model also outlasts the MacBook Air M1. So, if you are looking for long battery life in your laptop, then the MacBook Pro M1 is an excellent choice. You will be surprised at how long the battery can last, no matter how much you use it.


The viewing experience matters a lot to the users of MacBook. The displays need to be sharp and vibrant so users can have an immersive experience while using the MacBook. That is precisely what the MacBook Pro M1 display offers to its users. The pictures of the Retina display are sharp and vibrant, and you will be mesmerized by all the colors. They stand out, and it feels as if you are immersed in whatever you are watching. The screen averages at least 439 nits of brightness, almost a hundred nits higher than the MacBook Air. The brightness is higher than many other laptops out there, which is why the display is one of the best things about this MacBook. It rates 79.2% on the DCI-P3 color gamut, which is higher than many other laptops you will find out there.

Gameplay and Graphics

Are you looking to play games on the MacBook Pro M1 with excellent graphics? Well, this MacBook has enough power to allow you to play all the mainstream games out there at a high frame rate. However, it might not be able to handle games that require incredibly high power. For example, games such as Civilization VI: Gathering Storm can be played on the MacBook Pro M1 at a frame rate of 38 fps, which is higher than many laptops of the same league. On the other hand, games such as Tomb Raider can be played at a frame rate of 26 fps. So, it depends on the game and the settings you use to play. Some games can easily be played, while others may be challenging to play on the MacBook Pro M1. If you like to play mainstream games, then you shouldn’t have an issue at all.

Keyboard and Touch Bar

The keyboard, touch bar, and touchpad can completely change the experience of the user. The MacBook Pro M1 has a magic keyboard, which offers one of the softest touching experiences while typing. The touchpad is responsive and incredibly spacious, which means you will have no issues navigating the MacBook Pro M1. Besides that, if you are a writer, you will love how the keyboard feels as the entire process is seamless and intuitive. Typing on the MacBook Pro M1 is a breeze, and you will become much more efficient on it. Finally, the touch bar is not something everyone likes. Yes, the touch bar is there to give fast access to many things by providing shortcuts, but most of the time, it gets in the way of the user experience. Many people don’t like this feature as it hinders the smooth experience of using the laptop. However, it is not a big issue, and you may like it if you want to have easy accessibility to all the apps.

Cons of the MacBook Pro M1

Here are the top cons of the MacBook Pro M1:

The design is the same as the previous MacBook Limited storage space It only offers two Thunderbolt ports

Pros of the MacBook Pro M1

Here are some of the top pros of the MacBook Pro M1:

Long battery life High performance Vibrant and colorful display Comfortable keyboard and trackpad Can easily run many games

Final Verdict

If you are a loyal Apple user, you will love the new MacBook Pro M1 as it will offer high performance, a fantastic display, and some great features. The only drawback is that the design is the same, and the ports are still limited. However, if you don’t mind this, you will have a great experience using this MacBook. It is an excellent investment for your money and will last you for a long time to come. If you love high performance from your laptop, then this is the best choice for you. This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters. © 2022 Paul Christian Labor

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