TikTok creator @askingopenai asked posted a video asking AI for date ideas, and the answers are pretty solid. This is definitely a great tool you and your partner can use if you’re the indecisive type. These date ideas seem so serene and romantic! They include taking a ride in a hot air balloon, going to a rooftop bar, visiting a local winery, hopping on a boat tour and trying new outdoor adventures. The AI even provided a short explanation for each of the suggestions. So cute! “AI rizz game goes hard,” TikTok user @aiaskingai said. Literally. Obviously, there can’t ever be a replacement for the human mind. It was the human mind that created AI in the first place. But humans can also be flawed and forgetful creatures who for some reason can stop arguing between Chipotle and Olive Garden. So it’s nice to have an entity that can decide for us once in a while. So new rule of thumb: When in doubt, ask an AI. Until the AI steals your girl because you couldn’t decide on a date night spot.