Posted by @p_shep1, the clip understandably elicits reactions from viewers. “I’m straight up amazed it survived that heat,” writes commenter @802garage. “I believe the cost was worth the content because that is better than any national geographic clip I’ve seen,” says @kmonkiizz. “Beautiful, brutha!” “No clue how much that drone cost, but totally worth it!” exclaims @r6x6r. “‘Dude, I messed something up,’” mimics @kozski. “Yeah, you melted it. Nice footage, though.” “That footage was well worth it, bro,” congratulates @164scalewars_guy. “National Geographic worthy for sure.” “The shots are incredible at no risk of human life,” remarks @enskaldr.“Little guy can get new props!” Viewer @queen_ulfhrafn was impressed with the quality of the camera work. “Footage was so clean, though!” he writes. Recommended for you

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