Posted to TikTok by user @whistlindiesel.officia, see how the stealth investigation turns out in the video below.


“If you like to take on projects, we have a ton of trespassing neighbors,” writes commenter @cantcontainus. “Damn, homie got caught in 4K resolution,” notices @chefauthorized. “It’s your neighbors, too, and you think it’s random people,” says @vegasak. “This is so satisfying,” remarks @vallikelly. “When he turned around at the end, I lost it,” writes @yungsxsymbl. “He did it the right way, though. He’s better than me.” User @jakedill8 implores, “Make sure he pays for damages to the camera, too.” “Happy when bad guys are caught!” exclaims @kalicoscommunity. “Fun fact, I had no idea how cheap Apple air tags were,” writes @sweetmoonpeaches. “I audibly said, ‘whoah’ when I saw how many you had.” Viewer of the video @traciprice929 sums it up: “You did awesome, dude!” she says. Recommended for you

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