Those who work remotely now have the options to personalize their workspaces with substantially more autonomy than in an office setting. No instrument may get more attention, or desired upgrades, than the desk chair, with the higher-end models costing thousands of dollars. However, TikTok user @b_turner50 shows a clever way to “upgrade” the work chair. There are some very impressed commenters on this video, some of whom probably want to try this. WW11_1945 mentioned, “Should have got the ones that light up every time they spin.” “Yup, did this to mine years ago. Love it. No damage to hardwood floors either,” recalled Richard Tallent. Paul Au reported, “I did this to my chair, and only a handful of times have I ran over my toes.” For those who still have a printer or similar device in their home office setup, this seems like a must-have alteration to the work chair. I love the idea of using a rollerblade wheel to provide that smooth roll while maintaining balance, which we certainly all could use while working.