You’ll see the one misstep that led to the unforeseen event. TikTok user @twtdi shares this video that serves as a warning about what not to do when employing this combination for sanitizing your tableware.


It was probably not the best idea to put the cap on and shake it up a bit. On the other hand, we’re pretty sure it did some cleaning in there, anyway. “I have never laughed so much but the dogs came to save you,” one commenter says. A little sadistically, but we think good-naturedly, this one writes, “You hitting your knee made it so much better.” “Lucky u didn’t seriously hurt yourself,” a video viewer says with at least a modicum of compassion. “I’ll just pour this out so the wife doesn’t see,” mocks another. This viewer offers an alternative suggestion, “Hahahaha, Use baby steriliser! Sooo cheap and brings them up new.” “Who didn’t pay attention in science?” asks a commenter. Another agrees with that sentiment and says a bit sarcastically, “Tell me you missed out on the 2nd grade without telling me you missed out on the 2nd grade.” In any case, we appreciate the good humor of the video poster for sharing this. It’s entertaining, yes, and it’s also a good reminder to be careful when mixing things in the kitchen. Recommended for you

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