Watch the video of this man, posted by TikTok user @ckanetriplethreat, to find out what happens to him, and more hilariously, according to the comments, how he reacts.


“OMG ya laughing!” exclaims a commenter. “LMAO I’m crying real tears,” says another. One viewer of the video notes it was “Me the other day.” “Lol. Best part…. You was looking around,” laughs a user. “He tried to make sure nobody saw that. lolololololololol,” says another who noticed the same thing. And another: “Then he double look to make sure no one saw,” notes a viewer.
“Yeah, bruh, I saw you,” says one. And this one exclaims in all caps: “HEY YOU YOU THE GUY WITH THE RED T-SHIRT…. NO ONE SAW YOU, JUST ALL OF US ON TIKTOK LMAO!” Yes, cell phone distraction is a real thing. It’s a good the damage caused in this incident was only to this man’s slightly bruised ego. Recommended for you

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