The allure of high-paying jobs has done a lot to spur the interest in technology careers, which has in turn launched a new sector of training programs that give people degrees or certificates in this in-demand fields. Degree programs in computer engineering provide the bulk of new talent but others do prefer the certification route, which provides more flexibility and options. TikTok user @chrisjr404 seems to have found a path that offers a lot of upsides without heavy investment of time.  Commenters on this video had questions, but others were following a similar path. potato insisted, “my man 2 months too long. I did it during a legendary weekend.” “that’s a pretty impressive flex to do in 2 months I must say,” responded Landon. koshalove mentioned, “Yupp my husband is going for his Cyber Degree there and I’m going for Cloud Computing. Can’t wait till we finish. I love how you can go at any pace.” There is some expected skepticism for someone to complete coursework that quickly, but these non-traditional educators allow people to work at their own pace, which can mean getting things done faster. Two months seems awfully fast without any prior experience but there might be ways to learn and complete the work.