The latest example of this is someone who decided to film a first-person experience of riding in a driverless ride-share vehicle to a dinner reservation. Just watch along and try not to have your mind blown like this guy is — you might actually find yourself scared for him at some points. Just wait until the car enters traffic for the first time.


Even the guy who posted this TikTok, Hunter, is blown away by his experience being picked up by a driverless Waymo ride-share. Our favorite is his reaction to being first moved into traffic with other cars, and how he acknowledges when the driverless car is changing lanes. Honestly, pretty much anyone would be freaked out in that situation, without even another human to trust our safety with, but rather a machine who doesn’t have the capacity to know or care about us. Anyway, here’s how the viewers are taking it all in. “You have ‘WayMo’ confidence in that thing than I would,” one commenter joked with an incredible pun. “I feel like this is an introverts dream,” another commenter said, which is an interesting take. “Damn things probably drive better than half the humans on the road, to be honest!” another commenter exclaimed. “All the Uber drivers [are] arguing for better pay and better benefits,” another commenter said. “Corporate: ‘Problem solved.’”