Recently, more scrutiny and, in response, accountability have emerged in the field over what AI is being taught and how it responds to scenarios. More attention has gone towards the biases AI is starting to show and how these came to be, as this will affect how the technology serves the greater world and attempts to undo some human foibles. TikTok user @jamiearpinricci provides some candid insight that highlights how some of this happened.  This is an interesting dive into the field of computer engineering and the results of programming inherent biases, subconscious or otherwise, into AI. Just as parents teach their children certain things based on their experiences, similar training goes into the language that develops this new technology. Tech companies have made efforts to stem this and can continue to do so with diversity-driven hiring.  Commenters were shocked by this video and offered some insight of their own. Morticiasmymommy responded, “There is also an element of age bias in relation to gender and work title. AI fully embracing patriarchal values…” “my mind is blown; this is so insightful, and I have never given this much thought.” noted Hummer.