Televisions are usually one of the biggest investments people make to their living spaces, given the popularity and durability of the models, although some will often save hundreds on models by buying on Black Friday or another major sale. That being said, what would you say if someone showed you a TV that they claim cost more than a luxury car? TikTok user @daviddobrik gave us a glimpse into what you can get for a six-figure purchase. Commenters to this video were rather impressed by this unique appliance. “That thing alone is worth more than everything in my house combined,” claimed Mansour Gueye. Mimo noted, “For 100,000 I’d expect this tv to give me a flash into my future and open a portal to another universe.” “it’s a bit too close to the chair though,” remarked Aaron.  This video alone should convince a network or streaming service to revive the “Cribs” series. There are so many stunning elements to this TV, but I really like the folding design that invokes the simple yet beloved imagery of a paper fan.