However, there are some passion projects that do not quite provide the same uplifting of the human experience. There are times where either outdated technology cannot adapt to the modern world, or it just seems to be too much effort for the end result. Not sure which of these dilemmas befell TikTok user @makhirtech in this video, but he certainly gave it more than the proverbial college try.  Commenters on this video were sympathetic to this seemingly impossible attempt to revive antiquated technology. “I did almost the same thing but with iOS 6 and an iPhone 5,” replied JustLongobardo. ManDawg asked, “can you upgrade the internal parts of the phone and get apps and stuff working?” “I couldnt even get facebook to load in,” lamented Devin.  I’ve never owned an iPhone so I’m not sure if it possible to run current apps or sites on that outdated hardware. I know Apple devices usually maintain their quality longer than their competitors, but this seems a bit absurd to attempt. However, I admire this poster’s can-do attitude and novel approach to solve this problem.