The visuals are awesome as we experience riding this roller coaster without traveling to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, the location of the ride. Enjoy the thrill and the hilarity in this TikTok video posted by @themeparkreview.


“Your commentary is the best!” says a commenter. “The dig toward the comfort collars is hilarious.” “Bro has ridden this so many times he’s not even phased,” writes another. One viewer of the video has a simple question: “Who talks that much on a roller coaster?” “Do you think he’s comfortable?” laughs a reader. “As a name path I’m sensing they are comfortable,” surmises a video watcher. One user asks, “Why does he sound like Morty from Rick and Morty?” “Oh geez,” one viewer reacts. “The corkscrews at the top are always so painful.” This reader seems to wonder how you can simply chat during such an experience. “I’ve never heard anyone have a full-on conversation that you usually have at the end on a roller coaster,” he writes. Recommended for you

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